Unable to load embedded resources from plugins

Mar 25, 2015 at 5:21 AM

I am trying to integrate this plugin framework into my own existing ASP.NET MVC web app. I basically copied over the MVCPluginFramework project to my solution. Then adapted the classes from the PluginDemo project into my own project. After that, I created a new a plugin with a simple controller, view and an embedded CSS file. The plugin does get loaded and I am able to get to my view but the CSS file does not get loaded. I inspected the emitted HTML code and it looks like the page header has a valid reference to the CSS file, but the CSS file is never sent to the browser (or its sent empty). This happens even when I copy over the sample SimplePlugin project over to my solution - it doesn't load its embedded CSS files when running under my site. Note that when I run the sample PluginDemoSite site, it works fine and embedded CSS gets loaded.

Perhaps my website project is missing some critical piece of initialization code. I have compared it with the PluginDemoSite code and it all looks to be there though. Although one thing I did was to disable/remove all the menu related code since I did not need that. Has anyone faced this issue before?